30 Aug

When we level up, we get licenses for vehicles we can buy, Skates, Skatesboards, etc. WELL OURWORLD IS BEING REALLY SUPER NICE, AND IS GIVING THEM AWAY FOR FREE! Let me explain, though.

Level 20: Light roller skates

Level 30: Beach Skateboard

Level 40: Blue cow standard hoverboard

Level 50: Retro scooter

Level 60: Classic red car

Example: I’m on level 55. That means i would get the retro scooter,blue cow standard hoverboard, the beach skateboard, and the light roller skates! And when i reach level 60, i will get the Classic red car, ALL FOR FREE! Isnt that amazing? This will come with all the other updates on monday! This is the time to start leveling up!


PS. Dont get it? Got questions? Have advice for the site? Email and we will answer your questions asap or will take your advice into consideration! NO GIFT BEGGARS! Have a nice day! XD lol.


One Response to “OMG!”

  1. unknown September 2, 2010 at 5:45 am #

    when do we get it?

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