Hey guys, this is where i will post cute clothes/new clothes/completed outfits in ourworld. I will also post the current months monthly items. I will also tell you how much each item is and then how much the whole outfit is. If you see any items you cannot buy, (limited items, etc) Those are just for the outfit. I know you cant buy them, and im sorry! If you have any suggestions, email us at ourworldadvice@gmail.com! Thanx, XD



Thrashed Pants: 10,800 coins. 39 gems. must be level 36 to buy with coins

Other items included in picture:

Scrunched party boots 27,500 coins, 26 gems. Must be level 68 to buy these with coins

Invader belt. Cannot buy anymore, was limited item.

BACK                                 FRONT

Review: I love these pants so much! I wear them a lot, they are great if you just need plain black pants but they have a little design!

Also comes in these colors:

METRO JACKET: 23,400 coins, 22 gems. Must be level 47 to buy with coins.

FRONT                                 BACK

REVIEW: I think this jacket is really cute, it can really go with anything, like a skirt, or jeans!

The metro jacket comes in these colors:

LUSTER SLEEVELESS SHIRT: 57,600 coins, 22 gems. Must be level 61 to buy with coins.

Shirt with jacket:                      Shirt without jacket

REVIEW: I think this is a nice shirt, it comes in good colors and you can wear it with almost anything!

Also comes in these colors:

And there you go! Thats outfit #1!


Super short cut off shorts!


Price: Can only buy with gems, 29 gems. Any level can buy.

Also comes in these colors:

Next is the Skull Bat Tank top!

Price: 19 gems, any level can buy.

Sorry if the picture is small…. 😦

Review: Cute nice tank top that goes perfect with the shorts!

Also comes in these colors:

And to complete the outfit with a little something: The riot belt!

Price: 8150 coins, can only buy with coins if you are level 49 or above. You can also buy it with 19 gems.

Again sorry if the pic is small!

Review: Cute, i wear this literally all the time!

Also comes in these colors:



2 Responses to “OUTFITS”

  1. xMisaki September 1, 2010 at 12:16 am #

    kewl XD

  2. Secret September 7, 2010 at 3:22 pm #

    C-O-O-L 😉 Luv em <33

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